Example Candidate Responses for Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics 0580

Example Candidate Responses (Standards Booklet) Cambridge IGCSE® Mathematics 0580 The main aim of this booklet is to exemplify standards for those teaching Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics (0580), and to show how different levels of candidates’ performance relate to the subject’s curriculum

AS & A Level : Biology (9700) – June 2015

June 2015 9700_s15_gt 9700_s15_er 9700_s15_ms_21 9700_s15_qp_21 9700_s15_ms_13 9700_s15_qp_13 9700_s15_ms_12 9700_s15_qp_12 9700_s15_ms_11 9700_s15_qp_11 9700_s15_qp_53 9700_s15_ms_53 9700_s15_ms_52 9700_s15_qp_52 9700_s15_ms_51 9700_s15_qp_51 9700_s15_ms_43 9700_s15_qp_43 9700_s15_ms_42 9700_s15_qp_42 9700_s15_ms_41 9700_s15_qp_41 9700_s15_ms_35 9700_s15_ir_35 9700_s15_qp_35 9700_s15_ms_34 9700_s15_ir_34 9700_s15_qp_34 9700_s15_ms_33 9700_s15_ir_33 9700_s15_qp_33 9700_s15_ms_32 9700_s15_ir_32 9700_s15_qp_32 9700_s15_ms_31 9700_s15_ir_31 9700_s15_qp_31 9700_s15_ms_23