Example Candidate Responses (Standards Booklet) Cambridge IGCSE® Mathematics 0580

The main aim of this booklet is to exemplify standards for those teaching Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics
(0580), and to show how different levels of candidates’ performance relate to the subject’s curriculum and
assessment objectives.
In this booklet candidate responses have been chosen to exemplify grades C and E for Papers 1 and 3,
and grades A, C and E for Papers 2 and 4. Each response is accompanied by a commentary explaining the
strengths and weaknesses of the answers.

The mark scheme for each paper is followed by examples of marked candidate scripts, each with an
examiner comment on performance. Comments are given to indicate where marks were awarded, and how
additional marks could have been obtained. In this way, it is possible to understand what candidates have
done to gain their marks and what they still have to do to improve their grades.
For Paper 4, the mark scheme is followed by examples of marked candidate responses for questions 4, 6,
8 and 9 with an examiner comment on performance for each. These questions are then followed by three
whole scripts.


Example Candidate Responses for Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics 0580
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